Cultivating A Brand
Cultivating A Brand

Cultivating A Brand

Branding is an important aspect of creating a successful music group. If the band seems too generic then it will be less likely to attain an audience. Instead the creator of the group must come up with unique selling points. This will often be reflected in the costumes, hair and makeup.

Past Successes

New bands struggling to decide on the right brand can benefit from researching good examples. Over the decades music artists from a wide range of genres have managed to distinguish themselves. Heavy metal icons Iron Maiden utilised a monstrous mascot which has appeared on many of their album covers and merchandise items. The Beatles started their careers with distinctive black suits and mop-top haircuts. Pink Floyd cultivated a clear brand with the use of elaborate lighting during their live shows.

The Audience

There is a plethora of factors that determine how well a band will do. The website Wikipedia has many articles focused on branding. When reading this information the person may notice that the key is knowing the audience. Music groups often start out by deciding who their art is going to be made for. Doing this allows them to narrow down the right kind of sound.

On the other hand music is all about self expression. If people try to artificially mould their work into conforming to a brand then it can come off as fake sounding. The best songs are heartfelt and genuine. It may be difficult at first to strike a good balance between consistency and truthfulness.


Once the band has managed to create a unique identity they will need to adapt to new changes. The music industry is never static. In order to survive the group should keep an eye on recent trends. For example, numerous bands utilised the internet when it first grew in popularity. They made websites to sell music and tickets. The artwork for these webpages continued to conform to their brand. Overall the aesthetic of the group is one of the most vital elements when it comes to this issue. If it suddenly changes it can end up alienating the audience.

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