Band Unity
Band Unity

Band Unity

Fans of music may have noticed that bands tend to split up from time to time. Sometimes this is a temporary hiatus. The band members may end up reuniting after a number of years. However, other times it is permanent.

If a musical group is to endure then everyone must have their needs met.

The website BBC News features a plethora of stories about bands that have broken up due to internal conflicts. It is normal for creative or personal differences to arise occasionally. When this becomes a consistent issue it may lead to a break up.


It can be difficult to maintain a sense of band unity. One common technique is to have frequent meetings. This allows each member to air their concerns so that everyone can come up with a solution. Sometimes a line-up change is the right thing to do. A member might go off to start solo projects before re-joining at a later date.

Most band unity problems occur either in the recording studio or whilst on tour. The former relates to arguments about the creative nature of the album. Meanwhile, the latter is usually due to the band being in close quarters with each other for extended periods of time.

It is surprisingly rare for bands to maintain their line-up. A good example is the heavy metal group Rammstein. They have cited several reasons for their success. They listen to the concerns of every member and only start new albums if everyone is on-board with the direction of the project.

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